As an airline, fuel and carbon efficiency is clearly our number one environmental priority. Not only does aircraft fuel use account for more than 99% of our direct carbon emissions, it’s also the single biggest cost to our business, so it’s a double win to address it.​

The story so far


🏆  We’ve invested billions of dollars in our fleet transformation programme​.

🏆  We operate one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the sky with 70% next generation aircraft and an average age of less than seven years.

🏆  Our new A330neos are 11% more fuel and carbon efficient than the A330-300 they replace and also deliver 50% reduction in airport noise.

🏆  We saved almost 7,500 tonnes of jet fuel (23,600 tonnes of CO2) through our operational efficiency initiatives in 2022. Including pilot technique, ground operations, weight reduction and flight planning optimisation.

What's next for our fleet?


💚  Continued multi-billion pound investment in new aircraft with 100% next generation fleet by 2027.

💚  By 2026, we will achieve 15% gross reduction in carbon emissions per revenue tonne kilometre through our fleet programme.​

💚  We’ll continue to work with our partners to find ways to be more efficient, and invest in innovation and emerging technology.​