As an airline, we’re clear that fuel and carbon efficiency is our number one environmental priority. Not only does aircraft fuel use account for more than 99% of our direct carbon emissions, it’s also the single biggest cost to our business, so it’s a double win to address it.​


The biggest difference we can make right now is through the aircraft themselves.  We’ve been upgrading our fleet for several years – bringing new, more efficient aircraft into service and retiring older less efficient ones. ​

The story so far


🏆  We’ve continued to invest in new fleet, replacing aircraft from four-engine fleets to two-engines and taking delivery of new 787-9 and A350-1000 aircraft​

🏆  We introduced efficient flying guidance for our captains including:

- Single engine taxi – Using just one engine to move from the stand to the airfield before take off.​

- Altitude optimisation - customised wind and temperature information to better navigate their flight saving up to  3,500 tonnes of CO2 per year.​

🏆  We worked with the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics and Political Science on a study into how behavioral economics can boost the use of fuel- and carbon-efficient flight practices. FInd out more

Our plans for fleet efficiency in 2021 and beyond


💚  Multi-billion pound investment in new aircraft, which will be delivered by 2025

💚  Continue to engage with our key partners on new and emerging technology​

💚  Continue to work with our captains to ensure flying efficiency and optimisation​