We’ve already made significant progress in reducing our carbon emissions by modernising our fleet, but that can't take us all the way to net zero carbon flying. We also need to use other routes, such as fuels and carbon reductions and other offsets.

That’s why we’re investing in sustainable aviation fuels (known as SAF). These fuels are produced using a range of sustainable feedstocks - ranging from used cooking oil, non-food crops, biomass waste and industrial waste gasses from processes such as steel making.  

They’re proven to safely and effectively power aircraft, potentially reducing lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 70% or more, in comparison to fossil fuel-based typical aviation fuel.

The story so far


🏆 Since 2011, we’ve helped pioneer the commercialisation of SAF in partnership with LanzaTech, and were proud to fly the world's first commercial flight using SAF in 2018 from Orlando to London Gatwick.

🏆  We’re signatories to UK Sustainable Aviation & the Clean Skies for Tomorrow, and a founder member of the UK’s Jet Zero Council, working with government and industry to encourage a regulatory environment which will allow SAF producers to flourish.

🏆  We partnered with Neste Oyi securing the UK supply of 2.5 million litres of neat SAF, delivered in 2022 into London Heathrow.

🏆 Through our founding SAF partnerships with LanzaTech and Air Company we’re committed to cross- industry collaboration to accelerate the production and use of SAF in the UK and US.

🏆 We launched our Corporate SAF programme, working with some of our largest customers to reduce the carbon footprint of travel and supporting SAF market development.

🏆 We recently agreed to purchase 70 million gallons per annum of SAF, produced by Gevo via our joint venture partner, Delta. This purchase represents 20% of our SAF target and is equivalent to fuelling more than 500 flights across the transatlantic from Los Angeles.


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Sustainable fuel

Our plans to increase our use of SAF


💚 As soon as SAF becomes readily available, we’ll be all set to use it. and we’ve committed to SAF forming 10% of our fuel consumption by 2030.

💚  We’ve been working with LanzaTech and other industry partners like Carbon Engineering and Storegga to help deliver one of the very first SAF production plants in the UK, planned to be located in Port Talbot, together with innovative low carbon feedstock to turn into SAF.

💚  We’ll also secure contracts for other sources of SAF over the coming years to help us deliver on our commitment to decarbonise our flying for the good of our the planet, our people, customers and the communities in which we operate.