Reducing, reusing and recycling

We strive to reduce the total amount of cabin waste we produce through more innovative product design, investing in reusable rather than disposable products, putting pristine unused products back into service and smarter loading of products, in line with our customer numbers and product use.​


Through careful galley planning our loaded product weight onboard reduced by 8% in four years (2016 – 2019). In a full year that saves 4,640 tonnes of carbon.


We’ve been working with our partner MNH Sustainable Cabin Services for many years – redesigning, reusing and recycling our onboard items. After reuse or refurbishment, MNH look for the best ‘end of life’ option for the remaining high value recyclables they receive from us. This includes textiles, amenity kits and other items. 


Tackling single use plastic 

We are determined to reduce the amount of single use virgin plastic we use on board our flights where possible. 


We are working with our suppliers to trial suitable replacements for our onboard products. These include trialling alternative materials, increasing the recycled content and light-weighting packaging used. 


Refreshed amenity kits

 Our new amenity kits have removed 9.5 tonnes of plastic each year.

Plastic bags removed

Headsets are now protected by charity envelopes, saving 16 tonnes per year

No plastic stirrers

We now use stirrers made of bamboo, saving 6.5 tonnes per year

No plastic straws

We carry a small number of paper straws for those that need them


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