Services and capabilities

Our dedicated engineering team is renowned for achieving high standards. Below you can find details of the services we offer.

We use our hangars at London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports to maintain our own fleets for light maintenance and ad hoc inputs. We can offer you a variety of services, including scheduled maintenance checks, ad hoc and casualty work, all with the same high standards and awareness of your operational demands.

Our cabin avionics (IFE) group comprises well-trained, professional technicians capable of maintaining inflight entertainment systems to greater than 99% seat availability. They are highly experienced in the line maintenance of Mas 2000 / 2000e / 3000, Rockwell Collins 150i and Thales M.D.D.S.

Our large cabin maintenance team is highly skilled in all aspects of cabin interior maintenance. They all hold VAE company approvals and have expert knowledge in a wide range of vendor products. They will support the upkeep of your cabin products, working to the tight deadlines demanded by the line maintenance environment.

Our cabin support team, a specialist group of technicians dedicated to more complex and time-consuming defect rectification, support the other cabin teams to enhance and raise cabin presentation standards. They are a highly motivated and responsive mobile team who carry out special repairs to the structures and materials incorporated throughout diverse cabin products.

Our dedicated and professional engineering team already understands the pressures of running a successful airline and will maintain your aircraft with the same care and attention we give our own.

We have unrivalled experience on the A340-600 and on the A340-300. Add to this many years of B747 maintenance and you can see why we think we have a lot to offer.

Our CAA approved avionics workshop is staffed by highly-skilled avionics technicians who can service, overhaul, repair or modify any aircraft system components. They maintain Virgin's three IFE systems' components, including handsets, audio jacks and all cables and seat harnesses, and they also carry out full function tests of these systems. They calibrate our crimping tools and other IFE associated equipment, manufacture local and aircraft test equipment and charge Medtronic defibrillator batteries.

The workshop is also home to much test equipment, including a Panasonic system 3000 development rig.

Below you can find information about which aircraft we can service at our locations around the world.


Airport A320 / 1 CMF56 A320 / 1 V2500 A330-2 / 300 PW4000 & CF6-80E1 A330-2 / 300 TRENT A340-5 / 600 CFM56 A340-5 / 600 TRENT 556
London Heathrow Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
London Gatwick Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manchester - - - - Yes Yes
Barbados - - - Yes Yes Yes
Boston - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
New York, Newark - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
New York, JFK - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Las Vegas - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Los Angeles - - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Johannesburg - - Yes Yes Yes Yes


Airport B747-400 / 400F CF6 - 80C2 B747-400 / 400F RB211 B747-400 / 400F PW4000 B777-200 / 300 GE-90
London Heathrow Yes Yes - -
London Gatwick Yes Yes - -
Manchester Yes Yes - -
Barbados Yes Yes - Yes
Boston Yes Yes - Yes
New York, Newark Yes Yes Yes Yes
New York, JFK Yes Yes Yes Yes
Las Vegas Yes - - Yes
Los Angeles Yes - - Yes
Johannesburg Yes Yes Yes Yes



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If there's anything you would like to ask us about our engineering services, please contact us on the details below.

Virgin Atlantic Engineering Services

Virgin Atlantic Airways
The Base
Fleming Way
RH10 9LX

For Engineering Services enquiries, please contact:

Chris Davey and Neil Ambidge

For Maintenance enquiries, please contact:

Matt Murray

All are contacted via:

How to find us

Directions from Gatwick Airport North Terminal:

From Gatwick Airport North Terminal, start out on Departures Road. Bear right onto Longbridge Gate and continue forward onto Departures Road. Turn left onto Northway and at roundabout take the 2nd exit, then merge onto the A23 (signposted Crawley, Redhill). At Longbridge Roundabout take the 4th exit onto the A23 (signposted Gatwick Airport, Brighton, M23). Continue forward onto the A23 (signposted Brighton, Crawley). At the roundabout take the 1st exit onto Gatwick Road (signposted Manor Royal, Crematorium). At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Gatwick Road (signposted Manor Royal, Three Bridges). At the roundabout take the 4th exit onto Fleming Way.

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