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We're flying the flag for LGBTQ+

We’re proud to stand hand-in-hand with the LGBTQ+ community

At Virgin Atlantic, celebrating individuality is at the heart of everything we do. After all, it’s our uniqueness as humans that makes the world such an exciting place to explore.

We want everyone to feel proud of who they are, no matter how they identify or who they love.

That’s why we’re committed to supporting LGBTQ+ communities around the world and fighting for real change that will lead to a world where every single person feels included and is free to live and love how they want to, without fear or prejudice.

On this page, you can read all about how we support and celebrate our LGBTQ+ customers, our people, and what we're doing to fight for a more inclusive world for all. 

Antigua repeals ban on same-sex intimacy

A law that banned same-sex acts in Antigua has been repealed by the Antigua and Barbuda High Court of Justice. The court ruled that the law infringes on rights to liberty, legal protection, freedom of expression, privacy and protection from discrimination based on sex.

This is a landmark move, that campaigners say is a victory in the fight against homophobia in the Caribbean.

Our CEO, Shai Weiss, said: "At Virgin Atlantic, everyone is welcome onboard and encouraged to be themselves.

Today’s historic decision in Antigua to repeal the harmful laws against same-sex intimacy, is an incredibly positive step for the country and its people. We now urge other Caribbean islands to follow in their footsteps, making themselves inclusive and welcoming to all. 

Antigua is a beautiful destination and I look forward to welcoming more LGBTQ+ travellers onboard our aircraft, to explore the beautiful beaches and experience the culture."

Introducing Virgin Atlantic and San Francisco Travel's next UK drag star, Glitzy Von Jagger


In May we launched a competition with San Francisco Travel Association in search of the UK’s next iconic drag star. Meet our winner, Glitzy Von Jagger, as she took San Francisco by storm performing at iconic LGBTQ+ venue, Oasis during San Francisco Pride Month.

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Introducing Virgin Atlantic and San Francisco Travel's next UK drag star, Glitzy Von Jagger


Celebrating with PRIDE

Virgin Atlantic and Manchester Pride. A great partnership.

Pride events are a celebration, a party and a great day out. More importantly, they’re a movement born of a struggle for recognition and inclusion. It’s a serious message wrapped up in the most glorious, colourful, joyous celebration of what makes us good human beings.

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Highlights from the 2021 Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards

Richard Branson and Virgin have been proud supporters of the LGBTQ+ community for more than 50 years – right from when Richard founded Student magazine and the Student Advisory Centre. Here at Virgin Atlantic we've sponsored Attitude magazine for 10 years and the Attitude Awards have always been a big part of that. 

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The UK's first ever Pride Flight 

Back in 2019,  Virgin Atlantic took the UK’s first Pride Flight to the skies to celebrate World Pride 2019 and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Passengers were treated to six hours of Pride extravagance and a star-studded line up of celebrities joined the fun

Also joining the momentous event was 80-year old Stonewall veteran and LGBTQ+ hero, Tree Sequoia. 

Watch the video to see passengers party onboard our first ever Pride Flight.



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Feeling fabulous at 38,000ft!

Fighting for real change

Virgin Atlantic teams up with Open for Business on new research that shows economic cost of LGBT+ discrimination in the Caribbean

Survey data of potential LGBT+ and straight tourists finds the key reason given for NOT visiting a country in the region is because of the negative image they have of how LGBT+ people are treated - costing up to $4.2 Billion a year across 12 English-speaking Caribbean countries

Kathryn Dovey, Executive Director of Open For Business, said: “This data sends a clear message to political and business leaders that LGBT+ discrimination and criminalization is holding back economies in the region. If these countries want to increase tourism and not lose talented workers to other countries, they need to embrace greater diversity and inclusion. Businesses in the region are beginning to demonstrate their commitment to LGBT+ inclusion but much more needs to be done.”

Find out more about our partnership with Open For Business

Championing our people

Talking Pride: Natalie and Lauren Hutchings

"For us, we live every day with pride. We are married, have the love and support of our friends and family around us. But we know that is not the case for every LGBTQ+ person in this country or world..."

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Talking Pride: Jude Ota

"For me personally pride is about celebrating the many LGBTQ+ communities around the world and being grateful to be able to be unapologetically me! But importantly it’s also about remembering those who have fought for LGBTQ+ rights"

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Guest blog - Pride Month: a 365-day celebration

by  Juha Jarvinen

Juha is our Chief Commercial Officer and executive sponsor of our internal Pride network. This is his story and his thoughts on Pride. 

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LGBTQ+ friendly destinations

A guide to LGBTQ+ Las Vegas

With one of the top nightclub scenes in the world and more headliners than you can shake a feather boa at, Las Vegas has quickly established itself as one of the top destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers. 

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A guide to LGBTQ+ Miami

Miami really does offer something for everyone. The entire city, its beaches and surrounding areas are all beautifully, sunnily inclusive, making it a major contender for the LGBTQ+ capital of the United States.

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