Terms of trade

Terms of Trade apply to Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Holidays’ contracts and set out what is expected of suppliers when working with us

Terms of Trade apply to Virgin’s contracts and any purchase by Virgin is conditional upon the supplier's acceptance of these Terms of Trade. The supplier should notify us if it does not wish to accept these Terms of Trade.

Our Terms of Trade may be updated from time to time and suppliers should review this site regularly to ensure they have read and understood the current Terms of Trade. ??

No terms contained in any supplier invoice, delivery note or other like document issued by the supplier will be of any effect unless they have been confirmed by Virgin in writing.

Receiving orders

When ordering goods or services Virgin generates a unique purchase order. This purchase order is then issued via email. 

Virgin adopts a strict No PO, No Pay policy and suppliers must be in receipt of a valid purchase order, or as a minimum the PO number, before providing the goods or services.

If you currently receive your purchase orders in the post but would rather receive them via email please contact us at poenquiries@fly.virgin.com.

Electronic Invoicing

We would like to encourage all our suppliers where possible to use electronic invoicing as there are lots of benefits for both you and us:

  • Free for our suppliers to register and submit e-invoices to us
  • Reduction in payment delays as invoices received via the e-invoicing system are automatically compliant and are sent straight into our finance system
  • Reduced postage and printing costs
  • No more lost or misplaced invoices
  • Massively reduces paper usage

Suppliers will need to register with our e-invoicing partner Tradeshift for free in order to submit electronic invoices.

There are a NUMBER OF ways that you can create electronic invoices:

  1. Suppliers with low volumes of invoices can use ‘PO Convert/Flip’ functionality. This entails a simple ‘click’ conversion of your PO into a fully compliant electronic invoice
  2. Suppliers with high invoice volumes can take advantage of a technically integrated solution that fully automates electronic invoice submission

To find out more Click here (LINK TO EINV SUPPLIER)