Our programme primarily focuses on our environmental and supply chain activities and our non profit partnerships.

We naturally focus on our biggest environmental and social priorities, as well as the things that are most important to our customers and people.


Our top environmental priority is around aircraft fuel and carbon reductions, but also includes aircraft waste and noise, our combined ground operations (for the airline and holiday company) and our supply chain work. 

Our environmental initiatives

Supply chain

Our biggest spend is on aircraft and fuel, but we collaborate with thousands of suppliers worldwide to improve the people, environmental and animal welfare profile of the products and services we design and buy.

Our supply chain programme

People and partners

Our business is truly international, touching destinations around the world. And people and partners are fundamental to that. That includes our teams across the world, our passengers who fly with us, our suppliers providing the goods and services we need, and the people in the communities in which we fly to.

Our people

Our partners

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Change is in the Air: Find out about our sustainability programme

How we work

Ultimately, our Chief Executive and his Leadership Team are accountable for our sustainability programme.  Our Sustainability Team works closely with our Leadership Team to make sure the sustainability strategy is aligned with our core values and business strategy. 

We’re clear that to be most effective, our sustainability activities need to be owned and delivered by our people across the business, from engineers to cabin crew to resort managers.  This means teams take on the responsibility of delivering actions in their own areas, and a number of these have roles embedded within functions, such as within our fuel efficiency, facilities, procurement, inflight services and communications teams. The Sustainability Team drives the overall strategy, advises and coordinates all this great work, while also incubating and delivering a number of key projects.