How are we going to reach net zero?

We’ll reach net zero carbon by reducing our operational carbon emissions, by investing in cleaner, more fuel efficient planes and sustainable aviation fuel. We’ll then balance the impact of any remaining emissions with carbon removals and offsets.

Delivering on net zero

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Fleet efficiency

Investment in cleaner, more efficient aircraft helping to reduce our fuel burn and our environmental impact. 

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Alternatives fuels produced from sustainable feedstocks that safely and effectively power aviation, potentially reducing lifecycle CO2 emissions by over 80% compared to jet fuel.

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Carbon offsets and removals

In order to achieve net zero, we need to invest in carbon reduction projects through high quality and Gold Standard offsets and removals.

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The story so far


🏆  First airline to fly a commercial flight on waste-based fuel​

🏆  One of the youngest twin-engine fleets in the skies ​

🏆  Founding member of UK aviation’s Jet Zero Council and Sustainable Aviation​

🏆  Sustainable Aviation Fuel partnerships with producers such as Neste, Gevo, LanzaTech and Air Company

Our new A300neo is


more efficient than the A330-300 they replace

We are more efficient by


on average less when you fly with us compared to our competitors

Next generation aircraft


and we will be at 100% by 2027

Agreed with our supplier Gevo


gallons of SAF