We are focused on reducing our carbon emissions as much as we can.  You can help too by offsetting the emissions associated with your journey. 

Our scheme, in partnership with offset experts ClimateCare, finances renewable energy and natural resource conservation projects around the world, helping people from poorer communities access cleaner, safer, affordable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Offset your carbon

You can offset the carbon for your flight using the calculator from our partners ClimateCare. We've added the code VirginOffset to give you a discount (if it doesn't show just add it yourself). 👉

There are two ways you can use this calculator

💚 Quick and simple: Using the Start tab, enter the contribution you’d like to make (maybe £5, £10 or £20) or the tonnes you’d like to offset. This won’t match the precise carbon footprint of your flight, but you will be supporting some great projects that help to tackle climate change around the world.

💚 Measure your flight footprint and offset your flight: Go to the flights tab, input your flight details and offset your measured footprint. This will ensure that the offsets you buy will cover your flight carbon footprint fully.