Our international development programme with WE focuses on delivering real, long term improvements on social and environmental issues.

We call this WE Villages. Local knowledge, assets and environment are at the foundation of this programme, providing innovative and locally sustainable solutions. Every step of the way WE works closely with local government to make sure that community members are empowered and hold ownership over each and every project.

WE Villages approach

We know that there’s no single solution to ending poverty, but there are many solutions that together get the job done. Designed to meet the basic needs of all members of a community and eliminate the obstacles preventing children from accessing education, WE Villages is a unique sustainable development model made up of five core pillars of impact.

  2. WATER
  5. FOOD

Success is achieved when someone doesn’t need charity again. We believe that the WE Villages model can accomplish this. Each pillar provides crucial support, without which we’d not be able to support an entire community and its long term development.

Alongside the WE Villages projects, Virgin Atlantic is proud to be funding a variety of innovative environment projects, supporting communities facing the harsh effects of climate change and other environmental impacts on a daily basis.

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